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5 Instagram Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make

5 mistakes not to make on instagram
instagram mistakes you do not want to make

So you have stumbled upon the world of instagram and you want to grow your business and gain leads and maybe it doesn’t look too hard.  I mean really…  Isn’t it just about posting a nice photo on your feed and slapping up a IG story?

WRONG…..  So much more goes into it if you want Instagram to bring you in leads and sales for your business.  I want to take a few minutes of your time today and talk about 5 mistakes you DO NOT want to be making on Instagram.

Some of these mistakes that you are doing can truly hurt your Instagram Marketing.

Any social media platform will take time to grow and you will need to put in effort.  You are not going to go from ZERO to 10K followers overnight and having a strategy in place is a must.  There is some amazing training out there for Instagram and how to use it for your business, but my favorite is The Hashtag Files Society, by the amazing Courtney Sjoberg.  Her membership is hands down the best of the best and she literally walks you through EVERYTHING you need to know to rock your Instagram marketing.  Not only that, she has over 24,000 hand picked hashtags!

Mistake #1 – Getting caught up in the vanity metrics (worrying about followers, likes and comments)

So you have probably been spending some time looking at other leaders in the Instagram game and see that they have lots of followers and you possibly are thinking that you need thousands of followers to make sales, and get leads in your business.

STOP THIS RIGHT NOW – they are just a number.  It is not about the quantity but rather about the quality.  You do not need the silly swipe up feature to make Instagram profitable for your business. 

Produce highly quality content that your audience wants to see!

That is it, its simple.  Think about what your people need to see from you.  How can you help them?  How can your content help them?


  • Create content that helps your audience with a pain point they are having
  • Engage on others content.  If you want your content to be shown to people you must engage with others content.  Genuinely Engage, do not just go clicking the Heart Button happy.  ENGAGE!
  • Research what your ideal audience needs
  • Use relevant hashtags to where you audience is hanging out

The Hashtag Files Society has literally helped so many amazing women grow their IG accounts and that is because the training is the bomb .com.  

Mistake #2 – Using Hashtags that have WAY too many posts on them

Yesssss!  This can hurt your posts.  So say you use a hashtag like #bossbabe, that hashtag has over 14 million posts.  So you can imagine the competition you how to even have your post shown.  Because it has so so so many posts, your post will get buried very quickly.  If you use a hashtag like #bossbabetribe which only has 333k posts, you will stand a better chance of having your content seen!

You want to use hashtags that have way less posts than that.  If you are looking for some free training Courtney at She Social, puts on an amazing FREE MASTERCLASS all about hashtags and how to use them.  You will definitely want to check it out.  That free masterclass changed how I think about Instagram and you will be mind blown.

Mistake #3 – Using BANNED Hashtags

Now this one is HUGE!  Did you know hashtags can be banned?  Well they can, and if you are using a banned hashtag on your posts, you are at risk of being shadow banned.  What shadow banned means is that:  instagram is not showing your content to people, unless they are following you.  

How to tell if a hashtag is banned?

If you go to a hashtag, and under the RECENT posts, there will be a warning telling you.  See the photo below.

Mistake #4 – The Follow Unfollow Method (DO NOT DO THIS)

So if there is absolutely one thing that you DO NOT want to do, I would put this right at the top of mistakes you can make on Instagram.  

This does not get you anywhere and instagram can see that you are doing this crap.  Now as mentioned before you want to build genuine connections, and following someone to hope they follow you back and then you going and unfollowing them is absurd.  It is an absolute garbage tactic that truly will only hurt you.


Take the time that you would spend following people and then unfollowing them and put that effort into engaging with people that are your ideal client/customer.  

Mistake #5 – Throwing Content Out There That Does Not Relate To Your Audience

Okay… so we want people to come to our Instagram profile and LOVE the content that we are putting out there.  Your content needs to solve a problem or pain that your people are having.  So get CREATIVE and create content that your audience wants.  I mentioned this before in Mistake #1 But CONTENT IS KEY!

When you produce your content think to yourself the action that you want your audience to take.  Think about how you want your content to make them feel.  One of the best things you can do is be completely honest and be yourself when producing content.

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