Question for you.....

What if you could create 30 days of content in 3 hours?

Okay let me go into more detail

What if under 3 hours of your time you could create 30 days of content that gets your audience engaging and starting to know, like and trust you?

An asset that allows you to minimize the time you spend producing content and allows you to spend more time with your family and more time on the things you LOVE doing in your business.

Because you know how important content is to become visible on social media, and position yourself as the expert in your business.  You know you must show up.

Now if you are looking how to do this with spending less time.

Here's the problem...

You know that in order to have more time with your family and increase your audience you need content.

However, you are always dreading sitting down and creating it.

If you want to learn how to create content in less time, I have something for you...


30 days of content prompts and over 60 content ideas to get your audience engaging and best of all allowing you more time to do things you love doing.

Let me break it down...

What makes Converting Content Prompts different?

Converting Content Prompts takes my personal content as well as content that I have created for clients that ensures that you are not coming off icky or salesy too often.

The end result is content that gets your audience seeing you, engaging with you and getting them to trust you and see you as the GO TO person in your business.

Wait... Don't forget this amazing Bonus!


In addition to everything inside of Converting Content Prompts], I’m also going to throw in 20 social media templates (CANVA) so you can save some more time.  SImply put your branding colors in, change fonts and add your text and photos.  VOILA ! (VALUED AT $37)

So happy to meet you!

My name is Stephanie and I can’t wait to cheer on your amazing content to help you grow your business.

I have spent the last 3 years solely working with web design and branding clients and spending all my extra time learning tech, automations and strategies to grow my clients business.  

But why only work with my 1 on 1 clients when I can help you create the strategies that you need to grow too.  Teaching is my passion, and I am one heck of a tech and systems geek.  I love this stuff.

See you inside!

Maybe you have some questions?

Well… I have the answers

What niches will this work for?

It will work for all businesses, simple swap out some text to fit your business

How long do I have access to it for?

For life and all future updates.

Do you need any special software for templates? 

Heck no, all you need to use the bonus templates is a free canva account and to access the prompts a free google account.

How much time will this actually save me? 

Well if you are anything like me when I started creating content for myself and clients, I would get content block, you will have plug and play prompts for 30 days, this will save you at least 10 hours a month on content.

Will this work for direct sales businesses? 

It sure will, you can just tweak it to what your niche/business/products are.

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