Learn how to grow your email list using Lead Magnets

How to create amazing lead magnets to grow your email list

So I bet you have heard people telling you to grow your email list and you know what?  They are right.  You own your email list, you own your website, the one thing you do not own is Social Media.

On Social Media we are censored as to what we can post, our post can be removed, deleted or you can even get your account closed.  Now myself for one will not put all my eggs in one basket and solely rely on Social Media Platforms having final say.

So….  how can we start building our email list and get people on there?  It all comes down to creating something of value in order for someone to put their name and email into a form and delivering an amazing Freebie (Lead Magnet).

Creating a lead magnet that your target audience wants and needs

You will want to take some time and think about what your audience needs from you and how it can solve a problem or pain that they are having.  You do not want to spend a bunch of time putting something together that no one signs up for.  That would be a huge waste of your time, and you do not want to be wasting your time.  Your time is valuable.

Some things to do before you even create your Lead Magnet

  1. Really know who you are serving!
  2. Think about their pains and problems and create an epic freebie that can help them.
  3. Know where your audience hangs out, this will allow you to build connections.
  4. When creating your Lead Magnet put tons of value in it.

One of my all time favorite Lead Magnets that I signed up for was an instagram masterclass.  You can check it out on my post 5 Instagram Mistakes You Do No Want to Be Making

Let’s chat about different types of Lead Magnets that you could create!

  • eBook
  • Video Training
  • Email Series Course
  • Checklist
  • Workbook
  • Planner
  • Course
  • Templates
  • Sales Page Templates
  • Trello Boards
  • Process Flows
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Swipe File
  • Copy Scripts
  • Social Media Prompts
  • Resource List
  • Google Sheet 
  • Social Media Templates
  • Graphics
  • How to Guide
  • Reports
  • Slide Deck Template

There are SO MANY things that you could create for your audience.  It really comes down to what your audience will like.  When creating your Lead Magnet thing about the things that you have signed up for and loved.


There are so many things that you could create.  Poll your audience and find out what they would like.  

Research what others in your niche are offering for Lead Magnets

Researching is going to become your best friend when it comes to creating lead magnets, offers, services and courses.  You need to spend the time to find out what people want.  Take a look at what others are doing in your niche and make note of it.

By researching it will get your brain spinning on what you could offer your audience.  Now I am not saying spend all your time researching, you need to be creating too.  But you will definitely want to research before you spend hours making your amazing Freebie.


So you have your Lead Magnet now what?  How do I even get it to people?

For those of you that are new to email marketing this section is for you.  The whole point of creating a Lead Magnet is to grow your email list.  It is proven that more people will buy from your email list, and not only that you own the dang thing.

Like I mentioned before about not owing your social media, building your email list is one key element to growing your business.  People can expect to be sold to in emails, and you can also provide more lengthy content in an email.

1st – Create a landing page with an email optin form

So you need people to be able to sign up for your amazing freebie and this is where you will want to create a Lead Page with an optin form.  People will sign up to your lead page and then after they enter in their name and email your email service provider will be set up to send it to them automatically.


You can even have it so when they opt in to your lead page, after they enter their name and email it sends them to a download page.  They would simply click the download link/button and voila.

Let’s chat about something here for a minute though….  DOUBLE OPT IN.  If you have not heard about this before, this is where when someone signs up through your email form, they will be sent an email to confirm that they want to be on your list/receive the freebie.  Now double opt in can be an amazing thing, and some countries actually require that you do this, or that you have a consent checkbox directly on your form.

Double Optin will keep your email list nice and clean and you will get higher quality leads.  I would recommend testing this out and see what works for you.

2nd – Create a LIST in your email service provider that corresponds to your Lead Magnet title

So now you should have created your lead page, next you will want to create a list that corresponds with your lead magnet.  This will allow you to keep track and categorize your leads in your email service provider.  There are many ways to do this, and I will go more in depth in email service provider setups in a future blog post.

After you have your list all set up, you will want to hop back over to your Lead Page and connect it to the form that you have set up.  

3rd – Create a Thank You Page

We want to make sure we create a thank you page for after someone opts in to our awesome lead magnet.  On this thank you page you can have a link to your social channels, your facebook group, website etc.  Make sure to tell people to check their email inbox, promotions and spam folder.  We need to tell people what we want them to do.  So give your audience instructions.

4th – Link your Thank You Page to your email form on your Lead Page

Do not forget this step, you will need to go back to your form settings on your Lead Page and have it redirect to your thank you page link.  This is an important step as this page will either have your freebie on it, or a page telling them next steps they have to take.  You can even have an offer on this page.  Oooooh trip wires, and I will be chatting about that in an upcoming blog post.

5th – Create an automated email in your email service provider to deliver the Lead Magnet

If you have decided to go the route with your email service provider sending out an automated email with a download or to deliver your content, then you will want to set up an automation.

Most email service providers like mailerlite, active campaign, get response etc all have automation features to do just this.  Write an email introducing yourself and giving them access to the lead magnet that you created.

Check out my Creating Amazing Lead Magnets Ebook!  

I am a person who loves to print things out and highlight the important things, so I have created a FREE EBOOK for you to download and print out.  I do not want you to miss out on any steps so I have created this just for you.

REMEMBER….  Create something of value for your audience, this is the time to make an amazing impression

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