Start using Pinterest for business in 5 easy steps

Have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet? Well…. If you have not and you are a woman that is running your own business I highly suggest you get your butt on Pinterest.

Now you may be asking yourself “Why should I market my business on Pinterest?” and I will be chatting about that further on down with some key points to make sure you get your Pinterest Business account set up correctly.

Note: Pinterest is NOT a social media platform, it is a search engine like google, bing, youtube, etc. People go to search engines to specifically look for something.

So, why use Pinterest for business?

There are quite a few reasons why you should get your business on Pinterest and I will be chatting about the top reasons. Before we dive in though I will say this…. You will want to have your own website and it is highly recommended that you are blogging.  

pinterest for business growth statistic image

Reason #1 – There are 442 million active users on Pinterest

Now isn’t that crazy? The nice thing about Pinterest is that it is a search engine and using Pinterest for your business can drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog posts, sales pages, website, and social profiles.

Reason #2 – Pins can circulate for a very long time

This has to be my favorite of all. You can create a Pin and it can keep on circulating on Pinterest over, and over again for years. Now with that being said, you want to be creating fresh pins with new images, titles and descriptions regularly as well as pinning others’ content as well.

Reason #3 – Pinterest is most popular with women – especially moms

If your target audience is women then you do not want to sleep on getting your business on Pinterest. Women spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest looking for recipes, DIY projects, beauty tips, etc.

Did you know that 71% of global Pinterest users are female, according to Statista. Now isn’t that crazy? There are tonnes of stats on Pinterest but one of the ones that helped me realize that I need to get my business on Pinterest was that 58% of women say that Pinterest helps them make shopping and purchasing decisions.

How to get started using Pinterest for your business with simple to follow steps

Setting up your Pinterest can be easy and I will be covering some main points to help you get started with your Pinterest Marketing. If you do not have a Pinterest Business Account you will need to get one, you can convert your personal Pinterest to a business account.

Number 1 – Setup your Pinterest Business Account

The reason why you want a Pinterest Business account is so that you can have your website listed, create rich pins and have access to analytics and paid ads if you choose to do these.

If you already have a personal Pinterest account you can choose to:

Setting up your pinterest account for your business

Number 2 – Setup your profile and claim your website

When setting up your profile you will want to be using keywords for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. So think about what keywords are searched for your niche.  

Complete pinterest profile setup photo
claim your website on pinterest

You will want to use keywords in:

  • Your display name
  • Your about section

Using keywords in these places will help your pins show up when people are searching in the Pinterest search bar.

Claiming your website – do not miss this step. If you have your own website you will need to install some code into the head section. This will allow rich pins to be enabled. You can read the article on how to enable rich pins here that Sprout Social wrote.

Number 3 – Create 15 – 20 boards related to your niche making sure they are keyword optimized

Since Pinterest is a search engine you are going to want to get in the habit of using keywords. There are a couple of ways that I like to find keywords for when I am creating boards.

The first way…. Is using Pinterest’s search bar. You can check out the photo below showing exactly what I am talking about. Since Pinterest runs on keywords and SEO you want to be naming your board with keywords. You also want to be using keywords in the descriptions of your boards.

Find keywords from Pinterest search bar

As you can see from the photo I typed in blogging in the search bar, now some great board names would be what the Pinterest search is telling you. Blogging, blogging for beginners, blogging tips, blogging ideas, etc.

You can also then click on one of the drop-down recommendations and it will give you even more ideas for keywords. See the photo below.

The second way to find keywords is using Pinterest Ads.  Now you DO NOT need to run the ad to see the keyword suggestions. I use this way all the time to get ideas for my Pin titles, when I am writing blog posts, and for when I am creating my boards and descriptions. Inside Pinterest ads it will tell you the monthly searches. Now you will need to set up your ads account to use this method.

Step 1 – login to Pinterest and go to Ads, create an ad

Again do not worry, we are not going to start this ad, we are just using it to find keyword data. See photo below.

Step 2 – Choose the ad type and click continue down at the bottom.

It does not matter what type you choose since we are not running an ad right now.

Step 3 -Scroll down until you see the keywords section

Over in the search, you can search a keyword. It will then spit out a whole bunch of ideas and give you the monthly searches that are done on Pinterest for the keyword/long-tail keyword.

So go ahead and set up your Pinterest boards. Make sure to use the keywords for the board name and use keywords inside the description as well

Number 4 – Create a pinning strategy

Pinterest loves new fresh content. If you are just starting and you do not have any content of your own to pin, you will want to go ahead and start pinning other users content into the boards that you created.

As soon as you have some blog posts, sales pages, offers, etc.. You will then want to start creating your own pins. Now whatever amount of pins you decide to pin each day you will want to be consistent.  

I used tailwind for scheduling out my pins and pinning of others’ content as well as manually pin and engage on other’s content. You can grab a free trial of tailwind here. I use it and it saves me so much time. They also have tailwind communities of other users where you can put your pins in and others share them and you repin others content too, so it’s a win-win.

Number 5 – Stay CONSISTENT

Using Pinterest for your business will take time. It will not happen overnight but it is an amazing platform. Since Pinterest is a search platform, you do not need to show up and go live your content will be searched. Your pins can show up in the home feed as well. Like social media platforms, Pinterest has its own algorithms.

They love new fresh content. They have rolled out some pretty cool features too to make it more engaging. You can upload video pins, some accounts even have stories feature too. You also can comment and show some love on other’s pins. Whenever new features come out, try and use them as Pinterest wants you to.

Using Pinterest for my business has increased my sales and email subscribers and has helped me grow my business

Pinterest has been amazing for my business. I use Pinterest to blog, drive traffic to my offers, lead magnets and I also use it to do my affiliate marketing. Pinterest can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, blog, and offers. If you need some help on how to create an Irresistible Lead Magnet you can grab my guidebook here where I walk you through the steps.

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine you will want to be creating click-worthy pins. You can take a look on Pinterest and check out which pins are doing well by seeing how many saves they have.

I can’t wait to see your business on Pinterest!

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