Launch your offer with a step by step roadmap

Hey there.... Just a quick question...

What if you had a step by step plan to launch your amazing offer so that you never waste time wondering what to do?

I bet you have other things to do things to do ....

What if you could get your launches flowing with ease in just under 30 minutes a day?  Having a step by step roadmap of tasks to help you stop wasting the time you spend staring at your computer screen wondering what to do next...

A step by step task list so that you never miss any of the moving pieces, and there are lots of steps when it comes to launching.  An easy to follow roadmap that does not stress you out and that you can customize to work for you and your business, saving you hours of time.

It is time to TAKE BACK your time and spend it on doing the things that you love to do.  If you are ready to spend less time staring at your computer wondering what to do next, then this is for you!

Here's the problem...

You know that in order to have a successful launch, you need to know all the moving pieces and steps that go into it, but you cannot afford to hire a Launch Specialist or an Online Business Manager

However...  you do know that you need a system and process in place that you can execute yourself so that you can:

Get all the tasks done without feeling overwhelmed.

Spend under 30 minutes a day seeing what steps you need to do next.

Have more time to focus on creating the actual content of you new amazing offer.

Actually enjoy and be excited about your upcoming launch of your amazing new offer.

Imagine this...

Imagine waking up in the morning, opening up your laptop to know exactly what you need to do for that day to prepare for your amazing new offer & launch.


If you are ready to save hours of time and finally get your amazing offer out into the world then, I have something for you


The step-by-step task launch template so that you never sit starting at a blank computer screen.  Save yourself hours of time with this Launch Project Management System available in Clickup, Trello, Asana & Airtable!  FOR ONLY $17 USD ONE TIME! (VALUE $197)

20 Offer CANVA Templates

Launch your offer with beautiful offer social media templates (VALUE $67) 

2 Challenge Workbook Templates

If you are doing a free challenge/webinar to warm up your audience then these stunning workbooks will be amazing for you. (VALUE $97)

Slide Deck Templates In CANVA & Google Slides

Complete your course/offer even quicker with slide deck templates.  Create your offer even quicker. (VALUE $97)

All this is valued at $458 yours today for ONLY $17 USD

Here's What You'll Get In The Offer Roadmap

Offer Roadmap Template For Clickup

If you are a clickup user then this is the template for you.  Master your launches with the clickup offer template.

Offer Roadmap Template For Trello

Are you a trello user?  You can simply use this template in your free trello account and plan out your launches with ease.

Offer Roadmap Template For Asana

Asana Lover?  I got you covered.  Simple upload the csv file and have access to the offer template in your asana account.

Offer Roadmap Template For Airtable

Do you use Airtable?  Then this is for you.  Everything is mapped out.  Simply make a copy of the template for yourself and start using.

Detailed instructions inside the tasks

Most tasks explain themselves, but I have gone ahead and written in the description what you will want to do for each task that need explaining.

Training on How to Use Your New Offer Templates

Walkthrough training lessons on how I plan out my launches as well as clients.  DO not worry if you have never used a project management tool as I will be walking through all 4 (Clickup, Trello, Asana & Airtable)

As a Online Business Manager & Massive tech and systems person, you get to use the knowledge I am teaching and providing and apply it to you and your business.  Learn from the organization queen.

I got the answers 🙂

What software does the offer roadmap work with?

It works with Clickup, Trello, Asana & Airtable.  You can use them on the free accounts.

Do I need the paid versions of the project management software?

Nope!  You can use the free version of either clickup, trello, asana or airtable.  My favorites are clickup and asana.  I use these 2 the most with clients and they have some amazing features.

I'm not very techy, will this still work for me?

Heck Yesss!  No need to worry here as there is training inside the Offer Roadmap showing you how to use these platforms.  The more you use them the easier it gets, but trust me....  If my hubby can use them, so can you.

How long do I have access to the Offer Roadmap?

You have lifetime access, well as long as I keep my website (which is not going away anytime soon).  You will get a login after you purchase and you can access the templates at any time and upload them into the software of your choice.

So you offer refunds?

Since you will have access to the templates right away and be able to download the templates, there is a no refund policy.  However....  If you truly feel that the $17 investment was not worth what you have received and it is not what you are looking for you can email support within 3 days and a full refund will be given.

Grab it today!


© Copyright Stephanie Carlisle.  All Rights Reserved.

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