What are you waiting for? Just launch it!


2022 can be the year that you launch that amazing offer that you have brewing inside your mind.  In this blog post, I am going to break down some key points that you will want to make sure you have together.  Launching your offer does not need to be overwhelming, stressful and it can be fun, even if you are new to offer creation.

It all starts with an idea for your offer/course

You most likely have had this itch to create an offer and it has been on your mind for quite some time, and now is the time to get your amazing offer in front of your people that want to buy.  Now before you forget any of these amazing ideas that you have, please start a google doc and write down all your ideas.  This way you have them handy for when you need them.

Before we get into creating your offer outline, we need to go over some important steps that lead up to creating the actual content.  First, we need to make sure that your offer/course idea is what your audience needs.

Your ideal customer/client avatar

I bet you have seen this all over the internet and you have most likely heard lots of entrepreneurs and course creators talk about your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar), and there is a reason people talk about it lots.

When you dig deep and truly pinpoint who this is, you can then create your offers specifically for those people.  So now it is time for you to create your ICA using the prompts below.  

Please note:  when creating your ICA you want to direct it towards one person.  I would even give them a name.  The more specific you get the easier it is to create content, messaging, and even offer/content.

  • Age – how old are they?
  • Gender – male or female
  • Demographics – where do they live?
  • Do they have a family?
  • If they have kids, how many?
  • Hobbies – what hobbies do they have?
  • Social – where do they hang out on social media?
  • Goals – what are their goals in life, business, work, etc?
  • Pains and problems – what pains/problems are they having?  This one is super important because this is where your offer comes in.  Your offer should address these points.

Your skills and expertise

So now that you have your ICA figured out, now you need to think about how your skills can help them with their pains and problems.  You can create a course/offer around these pains and problems.  Look at my example below.


My ICA is female, age 30 – 45, has 2 children under the age of 10, she’s a busy mom that loves her corporate job but wants to bring in more income.  She lives in the US and wants to have more time freedom with her family.  She wants to go on those family trips and be able to afford them.  She wants to bring in an additional $1500 month so she can take these trips.  She is a hobbyist soap maker and wants to start selling her soap but she has no idea where to begin.  She does not have the time to spend hours on Google, Pinterest, and youtube to determine how to start selling her beautiful soap.

I could create a course about how to set up your soap making into a profitable business.  This is just an example.

Now ask yourself… are they willing to pay for your offer/course?

You need to make sure that people will pay for your amazing offer/course.  What I recommend is you do some research.  You can look on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to scope out what competitors are doing.  Facebook groups are a great place to do some market research.  

Research will become your best friend before you put in the time and effort of creating all the content for your offer/course.  Now that you have some data and research on your offer topic, you can now move on to outlining your offer.

Your offer outline

Now the fun part!  This is my favorite part about creating an offer or course.  I love outlining it and getting all the details together.  Now we need to think about what comes in your offer.  I will use soap making as an example.

Course NameFrom Hobbyist Soap Maker to Profitable Soap Maker
Price$97 USD
Contents of courseLesson 1 – how to set up your Etsy store
Lesson 2 – how to create a website on Shopify
Lesson 3 – how to promote your soap business
Lesson 4 – how to run ads in Etsy
BONUS #1 – how to pitch to stores to carry your soaps
BONUS #2 – How to prepare for craft shows

So from above, you can see how I am breaking down all the content that will go into this course.  Now you can do this however you want.

Tech & Systems that you will want to start selling your offer/course

Creating the content of the course is just one of the steps.  Now you need to put all the tech and systems together to deliver your amazing offer.  You may be asking yourself “what do I need to start selling?”  I am going to try and keep this super simple because I am a full-blown tech and systems nerd and I do setups all the time.

#1 – The Sales Page

The sales page is the place that people land on with a description of your amazing offer.  It will have buy buttons and describe what your amazing offer is all about.  Now when first starting out you may not want to pay a huge monthly fee to use a platform like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.  I am currently using an amazing software that has a 100% free plan to get you started and it even has email marketing built-in.  You can check it out hereThe nice thing about using an all-in-one platform is that it has emails, a course platform, and funnels all in one place so it is easier to use and will save you time.

#2 – Payment Processor/Cart Software

Now, this part all depends on the route you are taking.  If you are using an all-in-one platform like Kajabi this is already in the platform.  You simply hook up your PayPal or Stripe account and it’s built right in.

The other way to do it is to create a payment plan inside your payment processor (PayPal or Stripe) and put that link on the button of your sales page.  The only thing about doing it this way is now you need to think about how you will deliver your offer/course content.  Will you have it in a Facebook Community?  Send them an email with video links?

#3 – Offer/course delivery

If you decided to use an all-in-one platform like Kajabi or the one that I recommend which is here,  then you would simply just upload your offer content to the course part of the platform.  Now if you have decided to deliver a different way then that is totally okay.

You can deliver your offer/course content in many different ways.  Check out the ways below that you can deliver your course content.

  • Via Zoom
  • Via email
  • Inside A Facebook community/group
  • On a protected page on your website

Create your offer/course content

Now is the time to start creating the offer content.  You have determined everything else and now it is time to create.  What I like to do is use a google sheet or airtable to create the curriculum content that needs to go into my offer.  I then check it off as I go.  Do not overcomplicate this process.  Lots of people get stuck at the creating part.  

Remember that DONE is better than NOT DONE.

When you are done creating your content, now you can either go put it into the platform you are using to deliver your offer/course or set it up the way that you decided to deliver it.  Now that may be in a private Facebook group.

Promoting your offer/course

Okay, so sales do not magically start rolling in unless you are running paid ads.  I recommend that you get your organic marketing perfected before putting money into ads as they really do tie together.

You will want to be providing value to your audience and not just pitching to them each and every post.  There are lots of Facebook groups that allow you to put up promo posts, but make sure to follow the group rules.  Having your own Facebook group is an amazing way to promote your offer, provide value and build up the know, like, and trust factor.

Do you have a freebie?  Creating a lead magnet (freebie) is a great way to get people on your email list.  Building your email list is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  We do not own our social media accounts and without notice, they can be shut down, or you can be put in Facebook jail, etc.

Think of an amazing freebie you could offer your audience that relates to your offer/course.  This will give your audience a chance to see the amazing value that you provide before they purchase from you.

Just Launch It & Have Fun!

I cannot wait to see what you decide to create and launch.  Let me know in the comments what you are launching in 2022.

Happy Creating!

Please note that some of the links within this blog post may be affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. However, rest assured that I only recommend products, services, or companies that I genuinely believe will add value to my readers.

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