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Services for every stage of  business to fit your current & growing needs.

Check out my current skills that can help you to streamline and grow your business.  Every business is at different steps and I am here to plan your next steps of action.

What is a Online Business Manager?

An OBM (Online Business Manager) is defined as:  “A virtual support professional who manages an online business, including the daily management of projects, operations, team members and metrics.”  The purpose of a OBM is: “to free up the business owner so that you can focus your time and energy on the things that only YOU can do in your business.”

Not to toot my own horn but I have many skills and services to fit your business needs.  My first business was Web Design and I am currently not taking on as many web design clients but being able to work on clients websites by knowing the ins and outs helps lots of business owners.


Every OBM will have thier own areas of expertise.  Within the 3 core areas, there are countless ways that I can help you and your business grow.  Check out my skills and expertise below.

Project Management

Creation of project plan, including timelines, the processes, and other resources needed.

Setup and maintain project management software.

Delegate tasks to the team for more streamlined efficient work.

Manage the budget on the project.

Deal with challenges that arise on the project and take the necessary actions needed.

Communicate the project status to you and the team as needed.


Website Design & Management

Review the content on your website to see if things need updating.

Manage your website updates or hire out if needed.

WordPress Website Design.

Managing WordPress blog.

Setting up any email marketing integrations needed.

Test all links and sales pages.

Ensure all social media links and icons are working and linked correctly.

Creating eccomerce WordPress Store if needed.

Sales Funnels & Email Marketing

Design sales funnels.

Create beautiful funnels that speak to your audience.

Functional funnels:  lead magnets, trip wires, order bumps and one-time offers.

Set up email marketing integration.

Email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing targeted automation for customer journey.

Operations Management

Review the systems in your business and get them running smoothly and efficiently including customer service, billing, communications, marketing, and delivery.

Creation of processes and tools for the business’s key systems.

Automated business tools and software

SOP’S (standard operating procedures) setup and execution.

Management of clients’ payments.


Manage Team

Identify team needs based on your current business goals.

Determine the perfect fit for tasks.

Set up interviews and applications.

Setup second interviews for candidates.

Ensure a signed contract is in place for hires.

Go over the training the team will need for certain tasks.

Motivation – keeping the team motivated.

Handle team challenges as they arise.

Job roles, making sure the team knows their roles and responsibilities for their position.



Create and execute launch plan.

Ensure that key team members are in place for the stages of the launch.

Create a promotional schedule for launch.

Work with copywriter if needed.

Create and manage the sales page.

Support the team and business owner throughout the launch.

Ensure the deliverables of offers go out.

Test all the features of launch, cart, etc.

OBM Retainer Packages


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